Hi👋 I'm Zoe Chew

Product builder. On Deck (ODF10). Apps on Product Hunt #1, Lifehacker, Hacker Noon. Product/Market advisor for tech cos (US/APAC). Analyst (consumer tech & platform economy).

🎯 Personal goals 2021

I'm taking some crazy challenges:

✍️ Blog posts16/12
📧 Email list3.5K/5,000
📜 Blog traffic (month)40K/60,000
📚 Book done (year)16/15
🧘🏻 Meditate min (day)35/60
🏃 Exercise min (day)25/20
📲 Phone screen hr (day)1.7/1.5
👋 Meeting founders50/30

😻 Hacker Noon interview

In this video, I explained how I built & launched products

💖 Social proof

Words from people who've benefited from my insights and framework

🤓 Public speaking

👋 Let's connect

I'm usually heads-down building & operating. Occasionally online:

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👋 About Zoe

Brief: I built 11 MVPs and random apps, featured on Product Hunt #1, Lifehacker, Hacker Noon, tech blogs in 7 countries. Always building, ever curious. Part of On Deck Founder, ODF10.

Now: I run Venturescale, a media company analyzing the Internet culture, consumer tech & platform economy. Each week, we unpack new insights about potential markets and how these businesses operate & monetize.

Domain: I'm an operator for US/APAC VC-backed tech cos in product & growth strategy. I mainly focus on the North American market and products with global market accessibility.
Before working in tech, I was a marketer in paid Ads & online strategy.

Weekends: I'm growing NotionTrackerSuite (US$4,700 sales in 23 days), Medium blog (2K followers, 40K/month traffic) and Twitter audience (6,100+). View all growth screenshots.

Connect: Twitter / LinkedIn / Substack

Background ⬅️
First Class Honor Bachelor's Degree in International Business & MarketingWent straight into entrepreneurship after college; selling & closing marketing clients and became a sustainable solopreneurPivoted from marketing career into the tech (Feb 2019), got into coding and fast prototyping to train my product skills (March 2019)Building profitable businesses full-time with an international customer baseBorn and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Around the world mentions:
Medium Top Writer in Venture Capital, Startups & EntrepreneurshipProduct Hunt Member of The YearTop 10 Career Influencers for early-professionals
Long-term career goal 🎯
Building and launching great productsImprove other people's lives through innovationStart a business, sell a business, invest in cos, exit in cos
What clients usually say 👍
Strategic and critical thinkerCombination of marketer, product mind & designerAble to build and sell at the same time
How I learn ❤️
Learn by doing, building & creatingPursue knowledge in T (width and depth)Cross-disciplinary
Personality 😃
ENTJ Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), Judgment (J)Value people experienceLove to surround with like-minded people, both online and offline
My lessons 💥
Don’t chase new startup ideas. Focus on the problems to solve, then you will have ideas.Build something you wish existed and become the user of your own product.The best sign for product-market fit is when (enough) people pay to use your product.
Favorite quotes 💎
Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born — Nikola Tesla.What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create — Law of AttractionFigure out how to figure it out — Sam Altman.Try until you start winning — my motto

Join 3,400 people who Build & Launch

Weekly tech analysis, market deep-dive, and strategy straight to your inbox. Analyzing the Internet culture, consumer tech & platform economy.

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