Building businesses and useful tools. Love personal growth and productivity. For fun, I made apps that got featured on Product Hunt #1, Lifehacker, HackerNoon & tech blogs in 7 countries.

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Notion Personal Finance Template

Track expenses, budgets, subscriptions, investments and more. Simply add a record, and the template will handle the rest.

Ultimate Startup Idea Validation Framework

Tactics, frameworks, and processes to determine whether your product ideas have the potential to be monetized.

Venturescale Library: Startup Ideas & Market Trends

Get inspired for your next startup ideas! Discover profitable niche markets and business opportunities.

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How to Generate SaaS Business Ideas

I'll share three powerful frameworks that I frequently used in my consulting to help identify untapped market niches.

How to Build Better Digital Products?

Look for problems that bother many people. If more people have the problem, it's more important to solve.

How to Go From Idea to Market, Fast?

I'll share my product framework helping you in conducting effective testing throughout the product development process.

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Zoe Chew 👋

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Zoe Chew 👋

About Me

Hey, nice to meet you! Thank you for going down the rabbit hole.I'm the founder of Venturescale, newsletter writer at Build & Launch and course creator at I'm not working, I build and launch ideas into personal apps like these:

My Top Skills

  • Helping early-stage startups with market validation

  • Closing the gaps between Product, Market & Solution

  • Getting new products in front of paying customers

  • Turning ideas into reality with lean prototyping

  • Building no-code MVPs (minimum viable products)

How I Learn

  • Learn by doing, building & creating

  • Pursue knowledge in T (width and depth)

  • Micro consumption, macro execution

  • Cross-disciplinary, a multifaceted approach

  • A generalist who thrive in the digital age

On Product

  • Focus on the problems to solve, then you will have product ideas

  • Build something you wish existed and become the user of your own product

  • The best sign for product-market fit is when sustainable number of people pay to use your product

On Writing

  • Concise writing derives from clear thinking

  • Clear thinking comes from a focused mind

  • A focused mind is cultivated by intention

Personal Moats

  • Mastery in creating, building, and selling

  • Rare combination of a marketer, product thinker & designer

  • Can-do spirit, sustained dedication to achieve anything I set my mind to

  • Learn patterns, break patterns

Productivity Tips

  • Develop single-pointed, unwavering focus ability

  • Become easy to find, but (almost) impossible to reach

  • Develop prolonged & sustained mental, physical and emotional energy

  • Cultivate deep work and deep rest to prevent burnout

  • Protect your energy, build your energy capital

Fun Facts

  • Back in college, I dabbled in electronic music production and DJing

  • I composed and released my first EDM track on a record label based in Miami, United States

  • The same track had also been featured on local radio station

  • Performed and DJ-ed in front of 5,000 people at a corporate event

Hard Lessons

  • Stay humble. Everything we have accomplished, owned, experienced, and accumulated is merely temporary "rentalship," never lasting "ownership." We come with empty hands and back to nature with empty hands.

  • Be perceptive. Death will eventually eradicate what was never ours in the first place., i.e. physical body, job title, identity, property, lovers, money.

  • Struggling emotions are usually caused by confusing happiness with joy; intellect with wisdom; and outside validation with life purpose.

  • Be your own creator. Following a "templated" life defined by any authority will leave you feeling as if you are not living up to other people's "standard".

Favorite Quotes

  • "Figure out how to figure it out"— Sam Altman.

  • "Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born" — Nikola Tesla.

  • "Entrepreneurship is not about starting companies; it's about solving problems." — Michael Seibel.

  • "What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create" — Laws of Attraction

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