Hi👋 I'm Zoe Chew

Product builder. Run product / community for startups. Built "I Lazy to Read" app + on Lifehacker. Ex-marketer. First Class Honor. DJ & musician.

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🛠️Services I do​

I work with tech founders in the area of product communication and user base discovery.

  • Product — Help tech startup with product pitch, pre-launch / post-launch awareness
  • Community — Create potential user base, build community & inventing ways to cultivate interaction
  • Presentation — Video broadcast to cater product communication & showcase value proposition

📈Personal goals 2019

I'm taking some crazy challenges:

  • 🚀 Launch products (3/4)
  • 📚 Books per year (23/40)
  • 💻 #100DaysOfCode (85/100)
  • 🏃 Exercise 30 mins (50/100)
  • 📜 Blog posts (11/30)
  • ⏰ 1 Hour Prototype (1/1)
  • 📅 24 Hour Startup (0/1)
  • 🎬 Startup Live Stream (0/0)
  • 🎉 30 Days Growth Hack

📚Books I've done

I read 40 books/year. Mostly on startups, business and tech.

☕Send me coffee?

If you're feeling generous & love my work, you can buy me a coffee to support my journey 🙂

  • Jonas Krauss — "Hey Zoe, thanks for sharing your story how to launch on product hunt!"
  • Kris Zhou — "Really great idea to share your reading list with key learnings. Good job!👍"
  • Harvey — "Your Notion Page is soooo awesome. I was thinking about my long-term goals all weekend and your portfolio really helped me to re-focus my 2019 goals. Thank you."
  • Guy Lhoest — "Simple, nice and functional. Love your enthusiasm."​
  • Christopher Koniges — "Nice work. Much better than other summarizess I've used."

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