Hi👋 I'm Zoe Chew

Product builder at Product2kit. Product Hunt #1 & Lifehacker (I Lazy to Read). Product & community consulting for tech cos (US/APAC). Co. @ New

🚀 Products I Build

I build and launch ideas into working product in 24 hours

🛠️ Services I do

I work with teams and tech cos (post-product, post-revenues) in product communication and user base discovery

Product — Craft product pitch, pre-launch / post-launch awareness
Community — Create potential user base, build community, content development & inventing ways to cultivate interaction
Research — Market research, user interview, industry analysis, develop strategy & plans

📈 Personal goals 2020

I'm taking some crazy challenges:

🏢 NewCo in the works
🚀 Launch products7/7
📚 Books per year21/24
📜 Blog posts 9/12
📧 Email list1.8K/5,000
💻 #100DaysOfCode25/100
🏃 Exercise 30 mins79/150
👋 Remote call with founders33/40
📅 IRL meetup with founders4/5

😻 Hacker Noon interview

Watch the video: I shared on Hacker Noon (tech publication with 8 Million monthly pageviews) on how I built & launched products in 24 hours.

✍️ Articles I write

I write about how I build & launch prototype to solve business and daily problems

📚 Books I've done

I've read 93 new books in 3 years. Mostly on mindset, business and tech.

💖 Words from community

"Wall of Love" to appreciate all the feedbacks I've received about my public projects:

☕ Send me coffee

If you're feeling generous & love my work, you can buy me a coffee at:

Keevan Dance — Your work is very inspiring! Keep at it I love following it! 💪🤘
Saman — Love your articles. Keep writing.
Jonas Krauss — Hey Zoe, thanks for sharing your story how to launch on product hunt!
Kris Zhou — Really great idea to share your reading list with key learnings. Good job!
Harvey — Your Notion Page is soooo awesome. I was thinking about my long-term goals all weekend and your portfolio really helped me to re-focus my 2019 goals. Thank you.
Guy Lhoest — Simple, nice and functional. Love your enthusiasm.
Christopher Koniges — Nice work. Much better than other summarizess I've used.

👋 Let's connect

I'm active on Twitter. You can also connect with me via:

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Each month, I break down a product idea and build a prototype around it. I share my product process you can't find on Google.

👋 I'm Zoe. Here's my story.

I'm a product builder in tech & design. My app has been featured on Product Hunt #1, Lifehacker and tech blogs in 7 countries. I also consult US/APAC tech cos in product communication & user base discovery. Starting NewCo. I'm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Current work 👩💼

Consulting — Working with international clients (US/APAC) in B2BBuilding — NewCo, intersection between social network & SaaSWeekend — Selling at Product2kit & growing Newsletter

Previously ⬅️

1st Business — Started as a digital marketing consultantMarketing Trainer — Spoke publicly about SEO, paid Ads & WordPressBackground — First Class Honor in International Business & Marketing, Taylor’s University

Long-term career goal 📈

Building and launching NewCoStart a business, sell a business, invest in startups, exit in startupsInterested to establish/work with tech accelerator or VC firm

I’d like to learn more about 🧠

Industry — Social network, marketplaces, future of work, passion economySkills — Product management, go-to-market, pricing & financial modeling

Strength profile (clients' feedback) 👍

Strategic and critical thinking analysisCombination of marketer, product thinker & designerCreative content creator

Tech journey 🚀

Feb 2019Decided to pivot from marketing career into the tech industry. Problem: Had 0 skill in product, decided to learn how to code using Python & Django.
March 2019Came across "no-code" started building simple projects like personal site, job board, resource directory. Learned fast prototyping and build MVPs in 24 hours.
May 2019Halfway through #100DaysOfCode got bored, decided to build an app with limited coding skills.
May 2019Launched "I Lazy to Read". Got featured on Product Hunt #1, Lifehacker & tech blogs in 7 countries.
June 2019Started receiving inbound leads from US startups and VC-backed tech cos reaching out for product consulting and marketing services.
Jan 2020Continue my 🔥: working as a remote global consultant, building products, MVPs to eventually land on something I can take it to NewCo.
Aug 2020Nominated 6 times on Hacker Noon Noonies 2020 Award, got interviewed by Hacker Noon on how for how I build & launch products in 24 hours.

Coding journey ⚡️

Picked up Ruby on Rails & CSS, failed to go through courses and gave upRealized learning to code without building products led me going nowhereStrategy: only learn courses when I need to build specific features or prototype

How I learn ❤️

Learn by doing, building & creatingPursue knowledge in T (width and depth)Cross-disciplinary

Marketing stacks🚨

Analytics — Google Analytics, Hotjar, Google Tag ManagerAds — Facebook Ads, Google Search AdsEmail — MailerLite, Substack, Mailchimp

Tech stacks 💻

Python, Django, APIsFront-end: HTML, CSS, JavascriptNo-code stacks: Glide, Carrd, Zapier, Airtable, Coda, Typeform, Parabola, Sheets

Remote stacks 🌎

Meeting — Zoom, Whereby, RemoteHQ, Meet, Google CalendarResources — Notion, Miro, Google Drive, Google DocsMessaging — Slack, Gmail, WhatsApp

Workstation setup 👩💻

Device — MacBook Pro 13" 2019, iPhone 11Ergonomics — Logitech K380 Keyboard, Anker Optical MouseIdeas — A5 notebook, pen

Personality 😃

ENTJ Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), Judgment (J)Value people experienceLove to surround with like-minded people, both online and offline

My lessons 💥

Don’t chase new startup ideas. Focus on the problems to solve, then you will have ideas.Build something you wish existed and become the user of your own product.The best sign for product market fit is when (enough) people pay to use your product.

Favorite quotes 💎

What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.Figure out how to figure it out — Sam Altman.Try until you stop failing.

🛠️ Consulting services

My name is Zoe Chew. I work with US/APAC remote teams and tech companies with global market accessibility. I offer my help in the area of product communication, product pre-launch / post-launch, creating potential user base, and inventing ways to cultivate community interaction.

My strength in communication also allows me to run online event coordination / webinar that can drive product showcasing & community engagement. I also work cross-border, globally in a remote environment.

As someone with an entrepreneurial background, I offer my consulting experience, operations & project management skills to the company I get to work with. When we work together, you can expect my support and availability at your best timing.

How can I help 🤗

Product — Messaging, copy, creatives, pre-launch / post-launch awarenessCommunity — Invent campaigns, build community, cultivate interaction to reach product advocacyPresentation – Run online events or webinars, host session, showcasse value propositionCommunication — Business development, outreach to potential leadsStrategy – Sequence the right mix of digital channels, build into flow of execution

Things we do together 🙌

Meeting for sync-up call, priority & action itemsImplement action plan based on agreed solutionsExecute assigned projects on behalf of clientsDevelop strategy plan to drive changesAssist clients with recommendationResearch & information gathering for the projectsQuasi-biz dev & outreach to refer potential leads

What I look for 🚀

I work with teams and tech cos (post-product & post-revenues) with marketing investment for monthly retainer engagement basis. I'm interested to work with:

Founders — who are passionately building great products, willing to listen to users, have specific knowledge in the market they operateA product — that is currently accessing to international, cross-border market & target audienceA team — who have been shipping product features and now looking to drive awareness + reach community advocacy from usersSize — tight team that can sync up with consultant easily & take decisions to action fastRemote — company that practices global distributed team

Remote stacks 💻

Meeting — Zoom, Whereby, RemoteHQ, Meet, Google CalendarResources — Notion, Google Drive, Google Docs / Google SheetsMessaging — Slack, Gmail, WhatsApp

💖 Wall of Love

Just wanted to take a moment to appreciate all the kind words that I've received on Twitter, Medium & LinkedIn. Thank you so much for the love on my prototype, Notion template, and startup MVP! Some IRL friendships are made because of DM & public comments like these:

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