🛠️ Consulting services

My name is Zoe Chew. I work with cross-border US / APAC tech startup clients with global market accessibility. I offer my help in the area of product communication, product pre-launch / post-launch, creating potential user base, and inventing ways to cultivate community interaction.

My strength in communication also allows me to run online event coordination / webinar that can drive product showcasing & community engagement. I also work cross-border, globally in a remote environment.

As someone with entrepreneurial background, I offer my consulting experience, operations & project management skills to the company I get to work with. When we work together, you can expect my support and availability at your best timing.

How can I help 🤗

  • Product — Messaging, copy, creatives, pre-launch / post-launch awareness
  • Community — Invent campaigns, build community, cultivate interaction to reach product advocacy
  • Presentation – Run online events or webinars, host session, showcasse value proposition
  • Communication — Business development, outreach to refer potential leads
  • Strategy – Sequence the right mix of digital channels, build into flow of execution

Things we do together 🙌

  • Meeting for sync-up call, priority & action items
  • Implement action plan based on agreed solutions
  • Execute assigned projects on behalf of clients
  • Develop strategy plan to drive changes
  • Assist clients with recommendation
  • Research & information gathering for the projects
  • Quasi-biz dev & outreach to refer potential leads

What I look for 🚀

I’m a product person in tech & design. I’m especially interested to work with:

  • Founders — who are passionately building great products, willing to listen to users, have specific knowledge in the market they operate
  • A product — that is currently accessing to international, cross-border market & target audience
  • A team — who have been shipping product features and now looking to drive awareness + reach community advocacy from users
  • Size — tight team that can sync up with consultant easily & take decisions to action fast
  • Remote — company that practices global distributed team (partially or fully)  & future of work

Remote stacks 💻

  • Meeting — Zoom, RemoteHQ, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar
  • Resources — Notion app, Google Drive, Google Docs / Google Sheets
  • Messaging — Slack, Gmail, WhatsApp