In 24 hours, I built & launched an online directory. Here’s my toolkit

Earlier this month, I launched Producer Stash on Product Hunt.

I’m going to share a list of toolkit that I use to make launching in 24 hours possible. Let’s check this out!

1. What is Producer Stash?

To give a bit of context here, Producer Stash is a curated online directory of music production tools.

It helps you find the best tools on making music, DJ apps & budget studio setup under $100.

As someone who loves tech, music & designI thought it was a good idea to launch something for music. So here you go…

2. Starting point

Like most of my projects, I like to start with an end goal in mind.

I wanted a resource directory that looks like Startup Stash— but for music enthusiasts to help any beginner to get started in making their own songs.

Here’s how I outlined Producer Stash from the start:

  • A landing page that starts off with a nice studio image as background
  • Users can start by selecting resources according to category
  • Display collection of tools according to category
  • Users can easily jump between category selection and list of tools with a button
  • An external link on each tool to help users find out more about the tool
  • No navigation menu. Just a one-page directory to reduce distractions.

3. My toolkit

Whether you can code or not, there are existing tools that can help you to build prototype, MVP or product in hours — not days.

The “24 hours launch” has been a mantra for Hoveo — a business that I started to build startup prototype — fast.

For a side project like Producer Stash, I opted these tools that help me launch my idea fast. Never again an “idea without execution”.

Domain & hosting (2)

I’ve used these online infrastructures to host the site:


  • I bought a domain and hosting from SiteGround under WordPress Hosting package.


  • Siteground hosting also comes with one-click install for WordPress, which allows me to get started (create + manage contents) almost instantly.

Web design (2)

Every website needs a look. Using website themes and templates, I can easily customize the web design without coding any CSS:


  • I used OceanWP theme for Producer Stash. It’s super fast and lightweight.


  • Elementor WordPress plugin to “drag-and-drop” almost anything, including main sections, sub-sections, images, buttons, forms, etc.
Elementor page builder

Site optimization (4)

Slow sites kills users experience. Here’re some technologies that I use to enhance site performance:

W3 Total Cache

  • Add browser, page, object, database caching and minify CSS for faster site delivery.


  • Analyze site speed, detect issues and make your site faster.

EWWW Image Optimizer

  • Compress & resize site images to increase page load speed.

Yoast SEO

  • Improve on-page SEO by using optimized title, meta description and site URLs
EWWW image optimizer

Visual assets (7)

Graphic designs have been the most time consuming part for this project. I’ve used these tools to create custom images for Producer Stash:


  • Free stock photos site for finding quality images


  • Free Chrome extension to pick and detect color code on any Web page.

FontFace Ninja

  • Free Chrome extension for scanning fonts used on your favorite website.

Page Ruler

  • Free chrome extension to detect pixel dimensions on any Web page.


  • Online converter: pixels to inches


  • Okay, I’m super unconventional — sorry people on Canva or Photoshop! I design graphics a lot in PPT and export them into PNG files in batch.

Windows screenshot

  • To capture product images and create visuals for the online directory

  • Create animated gifs, slideshows, and video animations
When it comes to web projects, Chrome extension is my best friend

4. Launch on Product Hunt

After finishing the site at 11:45 pm on Tuesday night, it’s time to launch it.

Like many makers, I launched Producer Stash on Product Hunt.

This is a place of engineers, founders and investors who submit new startups & discover next favorite things.

Few tips for posting on Product Hunt:

  • Optimize pitch for product headline & description
  • Use GIFs for thumbnails display (240 x 240 pixels)
  • Use ideal image size for gallery display
  • Use stunning graphics on image gallery
  • Share the product page on social media

I’ve gone ahead to share Producer Stash on various social media sites, such as:

  • Twitter, Makerlog, Facebook, LinkedIn & Telegram

5. Receive feedback

To my surprise, many people who work in tech are being supportive for my project.

It’s also helpful to receive feedback from people who suggested me on what I can do more to make Producer Stash a more useful product. For example:

6. When are you launching? 😋

It’s possible to build and launch a startup prototype or MVP in days not months.

By turning your idea into a working product, you can:

  • test the response with potential users
  • gather feedback and
  • decide whether or not to pursue this idea.

Hoveo accelerator helps you validate your ideas — fast before you pursue any startup funding, hiring developers and incorporate a company.☀️

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